December 2013

  • Pupils achieve well and they leave the school with standards of English and mathematics that are higher than average.
  • Teaching is good, with some that is outstanding. Consequently, pupils, including children in Reception, make good progress across the school.
  • Pupils’ attitudes to learning are very positive and their behaviour is excellent.
  • Their relationships with each other and adults in the school are impressive.
  • Leadership and management are good. Senior leaders have effectively maintained the school’s notable strengths in pupils’ achievement and the quality of teaching since its previous inspection.
  • Pupils enjoy coming to school and feel very safe. Their attendance is above average.
  • An extensive range of extra and interesting activities, such as sport, music and outdoor activities enriches pupils’ learning.
  • The school has strong links with parents and it has their confidence.



 March 2012


“I am pleased to inform you that our interim assessment indicates performance has been sustained and that we can defer the school’s next inspection….I wish everyone involved in the school continued success in the future.”

Susan Gregory HMI

OFSTED letter


Our most recent inspection took place on 10th September 2008.

The inspector said to our children -


“You behave excellently and get on very well with each other”

“You achieve high standards”

“You learn a lot in lessons and make good progress because the teaching you receive is good”


We are a good school with outstanding features.


We received quite a short inspection because our standards and achievement were already judged to be so high.


HMI Subject Inspection


We had an inspection of Music by HMI Tony Knight on June 25th 2009.

The full report/findings can be viewed by clicking here

Music Inspection June 2009

The inspector said -


"The overall effectiveness of music is good. Pupils enjoy music and contribute much to lessons. Strong leadership has enabled the overall good teaching of music by class teachers."

 "Pupils in all classes demonstrated exceptional personal development in the musical activities."


Our ongoing self - evaluation and rigorous monitoring by the local authority now shows us to be outstanding in nearly all of the areas that are inspected by Ofsted. We are always striving to improve and become a school that is outstanding in every way.